What is Physical Self Improvement

What is Physical Self Improvement

As human beings created on different shapes and sizes, color, looks, skin texture and alike, we tend to be focused on how we physically look. We feel the importance of looking good and feeling great, not only from the inside but as well as from the outside. How we look from the outside is what other people see on their first glance. It is the first “ingredient”  in order for others to create their very own first impressions on you. If you’re not so good from the outside, you will be (more often than not) scrutinized (that’s the industry today, isn’t it?), but if you look great on the outside, others would have positive thoughts and would think great on you as well (just look at those celebs we idolize, huh?)


So, what is physical self improvement?

It is to improve one’s physical appearance. On the side note; what we mean by “improving one’s physical appearance” is not to go under the knife or do ridiculous procedures to look beautiful. It is simply by improving how you walk, talk, dress, carry yourself, smile, glance, and alike. It is more on how we wake up each day, eat our meals, dress for work and interact with others and things around us.

On the other hand, there are the main, main, main basics of physically improving ourselves. Listed below are three of such basics. These are a must actually, and not just some fad or trend that we follow now but not on the next day. These steps are a must if you want to have an improved physical appearance, and if you want to feel good not only from the outside but from the inside as well.



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The battle over obesity is getting a higher and higher at score. Indeed, more and more people are overweight nowadays. Just take a look on those instant food and carb-filled meals we meet and eat everyday. Those chemically processed grocery items that we place on our grocery baskets – no wonder, obesity is on every corner.

Weight is an issue for many people in the word these days. In lots of cultures, people who are obese or overweight are often considered as unattractive; while thin people often get the attention and positive words (oh just think about those zero sized models… do you envy them? Well, you shouldn’t. Really.)

The fact is, to be beautiful and physically attractive  is not to be ridiculously  thin. We don’t want to look like lollipops with huge heads popping out from our overly thin bodies. It is not healthy either! Where’s the nutrition in that? Unfortunately, it is more of a fad rather than eating right. What we need is to be in the right shape and to be inside the right digits of the weighing scale, considering our height, age and our overall bone and body structure.

As we age, we tend to have a slower metabolism. That is why we need to be physically active. To be fit does not mean that we need to go to the gym or enroll on some gym classes. We can do some at-home-aerobic exercises, dance, do yoga, and most especially, change the way we look at food. Choose what you eat. It is mainly the biggest factor to losing weight and eating right.

Furthermore, who does not want to be healthy from the inside out? Health is wealth – exactly! Hence, that is the main reason why you want to achieve a healthier physique.

Doing physical exercises will give you a healthier glow, more active body and it prevents diseases as well. If you are healthy from the inside and you feel good, it will surely reflect on the outside. More so, you will achieve a more confident you, if you are within the right healthy weight.


Have that pearly white smile

Seriously… a beautiful face means nothing without a healthy smile and shiny white teeth. Try to pay your dentist a regular visit. Get some of that needed cleaning and teeth check-up. After that, you will definitely feel more confident, hence with that beautiful smile, any one’s day would definitely be brighter.


Be squeaky clean

Soap and water are men’s best friend (well, aside from dogs). A regular bath is very much needed especially during summer when the weather is at its’ warmest. Of course, when you took a bath, you will need to change clothes. Change your clothes every time you feel that you have undergone a tremendous amount of perspiration. Doing such will prevent bad odors, and skin irritations. A mini bottle of sanitizer or body alcohol inside your bag would be helpful as well. You can also apply some water mists on your face to freshen you up. Perfumes are great, but of course, too much of it won’t smell good either. Try to check which of the essences suit your body chemistry especially during the hot weather. It would be great if you will test some on your pulse points, on your neck and at the back of your ears (not merely on the wrists) so you will know if the fragrant suits you.





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