What is Image Consulting?

What is Image Consulting?

Image Consulting is the process of advising clients or corporations on appearance, behavior and communication / etiquette.  Empowering an individual or corporation to feel confident about their brand or outer appearance, while building an authentic inner being.


To enhance one’s image is to educate, coach, guide and mentor the person or corporation on their overall brand. Image Consultant professionals apply the art and science of wardrobe management  to achieve a happier more fulfilling life. Thus, opening up opportunities to climb the corporate ladder, transition from a stay-at-home mom to corporate America, or being confident in a social environment.

A Professional Image Consultant

A professional Image Consultant should bring out the best and the unique traits of their clients. As a professional, he or she should be able to assess clients needs,  and develop a strategic plan to meet those needs. A professional Image Consultant should be able to execute on this strategic plan to enable clients to exemplify a more polished and better you.

What are the Aspects of Image Consulting?

Listed below are some of the important aspects of Image Consulting. During the process of consultation, these aspects should be taken into consideration:

Physical Appearance: Body Assessment & Analysis, Color Assessment & Analysis, Personal Styling / Shopping:  Wardrobe Management

Behavior Management: Corporate / Meeting Behaviors Etiquette Training, Social Setting Behaviors

Communication / Etiquette: Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Analysis, Effective Communication

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