Go Vibrant This Fourth of July

Go Vibrant This Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Sparklers, pocket-sized declarations, the voices of people dressed in bright American colors echoing the Star Spangled Banner – all of this kindles the spirit of patriotism in Americans. The fourth of July is a remarkable holiday, which reignites the spirit of patriotism every year. Before I go with it, I would like to ask you a simple question – what comes to your mind when you think of the fourth of July? Is it the spectacular fireworks, the colorful costumes, the sumptuous barbeques, the cool beach-side parties, the patriotic filled National parade or the high-spirited concerts? Well, different people love different things, but the one thing that I cherished the most as a kid, and still do, is dressing up patriotically.

However, my perception towards dressing has considerably changed since childhood. Blame it on my age or profession, I now prefer subtle attire instead of going overboard with any theme. I am sure most people like to try out something unique. However, the dilemma and the chaos associated with clothing, always makes them ponder over one question “what to wear?” Going classic is always a safe bet, but you can make the celebration even more worthwhile and enjoyable. All it takes is a bit of creativity, or a visit to your nearby mall with a professional Image Consultant to grab the perfect outfit.

Be it casual, retro or chic, you don’t need to invest in expensive costumes to show your patriotism. Before you begin your shopping spree, scrutinize your wardrobe and pull out clothes that have shades of red, white and blue. If you can find something with stars and stripes, then you’ve already hit the jackpot. It could be a red, white and blue polka-dotted dress or anything that represents the colors and patterns of the American flag – anything that would make Uncle Sam beam with pride!

If you choose to pay your respects in a subtle way, then go for American flag studs with a plain white shirt and blue jeans. with a white free-flowing dress or light crochet dresses. Vintage swimsuits, quirky sunglasses and colorful accessories are all in this season.

This fourth of July, don’t allow not  knowing what to wear for festivities and  holidays dampen your celebrations. Simply call an image consulting professional and let others be inspired by the image you portray.

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