Who Wants to Have An ARM PARTY?

Oh How We Love a Good Party, Any one else having fun with Arm Parties

Wanna Know How To Create An Arm Party? Follow These Steps!!!

watch arm party

1. Start with a Watch, one that coordinates well with your look

2.  If not adding a Watch, then begin with Metal bracelets, Gold or Silver, don’t mix both, choose one or the other, add one thick piece and a dainty piece, ratio should be one thick piece to every two – three dainty pieces

3.  Add Color if appropriate, and pieces that coordinate with the look you are going for, but we don’t want to be to matchy-matchy

4.  Optional, Personalize – Add your signature piece or something that describes you or has meaning

The key to this is to have FUN and add FLAIR to accessorize your Look!



Arm Party 3




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