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1.  For Social or Business reasons, wanna look your BEST in either environment? Hire a professional image consultant to come up with looks that transitions from Day to Night for social, or will assist with business development, or climb the corporate ladder!

2.  How we see ourselves is NOT how other people see us! You need an Image Professional that will be HONEST WITH YOU!

3.  AREN’T YOU TIRED OF LOOKING IN YOUR CLOSET WITH NOTHING TO WEAR? Image Consultant Professionals will eliminate this issue. 

4.  When you go into a store to shop, the sales associates and workers are there to increase SALES, if you hire a professional to work on your behalf, you know that person has your best interest at heart and SHOULDN’T ALLOW YOU TO PURCHASE THINGS THAT DON’T WORK FOR YOUR BODY TYPE. 

5. We outsource everything else regarding Image to Professionals, our hair – hair stylist, fitness – personal trainer, nails – manicurist / nail salon, the list can go on and on, but when it comes to clothes, EVERYONE THINKS THEY KNOW WHAT’S BEST REGARDING CLOTHING / WARDROBE….and actually most DON’T! Allow an image professional to show you how it’s done!

Image Consultant Professionals, are creative people that can show and provide exceptional knowledge to save you time, money and energy! Also,  a lot of people need our expertise and don’t know it; we are here to help! Call us for a free consultation, to determine if hiring an image consulting professional / fashion stylist will work for you and your needs. If you know someone that needs our services, you may gift them a Glam Party!  Let’s start 2014 in the right direction. Call us TODAY! 

PhoebyCerise, the ultimate leader in Image Consulting Fashion Styling will help you generate success through wardrobe and image development. “WE OWN STYLE”

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