Fashion Consultant in Charlotte, NC

Fashion Consultant in Charlotte, NC


Looking for a professional fashion consultant in Charlotte, NC? You have come to the right place. PhoebyCerise, the ultimate leader in image consulting and fashion styling is here to help you create a unique brand image for you, or your company.

Allow us to serve you and help you achieve success. Let us boost your confidence, enhance your appearance, teach you on how to professionally and confidently carry yourself hence, stand-out amongst the crowd. PhoebyCerise, your team of professional image consultants and fashion stylists will definitely help you generate success!


Fashion Consultant in Charlotte, NC


There is no denying on the fact that first impressions truly last. More so, they are the most important aspects in meeting new people, socializing, and building trust. Although it may not sound fair to judge a “book” basically on the cover, it really happens. It certainly happens – all the time.

If you have to meet your lifetime partner, and you have to choose between two different persons, would you choose the one which looks rubbishy? The one with an uncombed hair? The one who looks mismatched?

Truly, it may sound unfair. However, our eyes see first. Same as with eating our lunch or dinner; your eyes feast on the menu first before you would be able to taste one. You won’t order a food which does not look interesting and delicious, right? Same as with a person. A leading company will not choose an applicant who does not look pleasing to the eyes.


Our Mission


PhoebyCerise is committed in leading you on to success through wardrobe, branding, and image development for corporations or individuals. Our Image Transitioning services are tailor-made and confidential, which gives you an upper-hand at exploring new things without moving away from your comfort zone. We are structured to groom an individual externally as well as internally, our services build confidence with wardrobe development. We also work to build communication skills, etiquette and provide professional business coaching.


In need of a professional fashion consultant within Charlotte, NC? Look no further! Contact PhoebyCerise now.


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