PhoebyCerise Platinum Package for Individuals

Platinum Package

This is our most comprehensive program.

This program is suitable whether you are within the area, planning to take the program virtually or if you want us to travel and get to you.  Our clients will definitely receive quality services that will add value to meet their image goals.

What’s included in the package?

First, an initial consultation is performed. This is to better understand our client’s goals, what they are planning to achieve, their needs and how / what they feel about themselves. Thus, a customized package at such level will be included. More so, the client will receive a minimum of 15 hours each month for the various services that shall be conducted. You may can choose between the three, six, nine and twelve month programs. The PhoebyCerise team will formulate an action plan to meet and achieve your goals.

This package is best for clients who needs more of the image makeover, or for those who take / attend a lot of events and special occasions. The platinum package also suits a busy executive who needs assistance in selecting his or her everyday wardrobe.

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