PhoebyCerise Gold Package for Individuals

Gold Package

The PhoebyCerise Gold Package for Individuals will help determine the most appropriate image for a client. This package also includes the initial consultation which will be done by the PhoebyCerise Team of Professionals. More so, the client will receive a minimum of 12 hours each month, for the various services which will be included within the package. Hence, we also offer three, six, nine and twelve month programs.

The Gold Package is best for clients who want to recreate their image, and is transitioning back into the corporate world. Examples are stay-at-home moms and freelancers. Furthermore, the PhoebyCerise gold package will also suit someone who is currently going through a major life change; transitioning back into dating, looking for the perfect date, and alike.

This package will surely boost one’s confidence and will definitely enhance / develop our client’s image.

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