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At Phoebycerise, our motto is “We Own Style” and we develop plans aimed at strengthening your brand and image.  We wish to bring out the best in you at every step, through a rigorous image development transitioning process. We provide you with image transitioning services, which will enhance the message you wish to convey. We will help you determine your personal style and put together a wardrobe and image development plan for you.

So you have read our reviews and referrals  from our clients and you are ready to transition your look and make moves, whether it be for business success or personal and you have decided that PhoebyCerise Image Consulting | Fashion Styling will be the best option! We are ready to get you started! Answer the questionnaire and select your package that you feel meets your needs. We understand that you may have further questions or clarifications pertaining to your order(s). With such, please feel free to contact us at 704-222-2551. We are excited and looking forward to working with you!

Kindly fill-out this short form  and choose your package.

Click the button below to verify your mode of payment for a $50.00 dollar deposit towards your image transition.

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