Professional Fashion Consultant in North Carolina

Professional Fashion Consultant in North Carolina   Searching for the best professional fashion consultant in North Carolina? Look no further, for you have come to the right spot. PhoebyCerise, the ultimate leader in image consulting and fashion styling is here to provide you with the best professional fashion consulting services. Whether it is for your [...] read more

American Music Awards 2013, Who were the Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities?

Who made your list as the BEST or WORST dressed at the American Music Awards 2013?   Does Ciara or Heidi deserve to be on the Worst Dressed List? We wonder who Styled T-Boz and Chilli?  Who made your list? Let the PhoebyCerise Team Know!   “WE OWN STYLE” read more


1.  For Social or Business reasons, wanna look your BEST in either environment? Hire a professional image consultant to come up with looks that transitions from Day to Night for social, or will assist with business development, or climb the corporate ladder! 2.  How we see ourselves is NOT how other people see us! You [...] read more

November 23 has been proclaimed as the International Image Consultant Day!

November 23 has been proclaimed as the International Image Consultant Day! International Image Consultant Day which will happen on November 23rd is now included in the 2014 Chase’s Calendar of Events. Chase’s Calendar of Events (a publication of McGraw-Hill published since 1957) is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative references available on special events, [...] read more

Who Wants to Have An ARM PARTY?

Wanna Know How To Create An Arm Party? Follow These Steps!!! 1. Start with a Watch, one that coordinates well with your look 2.  If not adding a Watch, then begin with Metal bracelets, Gold or Silver, don’t mix both, choose one or the other, add one thick piece and a dainty piece, ratio should [...] read more