What is Corporate Image Consulting

Looking successful and confident is important especially for business persons and employees. A well dressed, groomed and clean looking individual may easily catch anyone’s “attention”. More so, such “attention” is needed in the world of business; this is in order for the company to continuously grow and gain profit. Creating the right image for your [...] read more

The Benefits of Hiring an Image Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring an Image Consultant   The image consulting industry is definitely huge, yet exciting. More so, the top reasons why professionals opt to become Image Consultants, are mainly because:   The image consulting industry grows fast It is an interesting business; furthermore, you help others lead success Meet interesting people and know [...] read more

Importance of Image Consulting

Importance of Image Consulting To project a winning image is to create a powerful first impression. That is the first step towards success, may it be in the professional field, personal or social life. However, to create such winning image is quite difficult especially for someone who is not knowledgeable in terms of fashion and [...] read more

What is Image Consulting?

What is Image Consulting? Image Consulting is the process of advising clients or corporations on appearance, behavior and communication / etiquette.  Empowering an individual or corporation to feel confident about their brand or outer appearance, while building an authentic inner being. To enhance one’s image is to educate, coach, guide and mentor the person or [...] read more

Why You Need An Image Consultant

Why You Need An Image Consultant No matter how hard-working or intelligent you may be, the world creates its own perception on the basis of your dressing style, habits, speech and confidence. Your image is your road to success, in terms of your personal as well as professional life. Many a times, people have a [...] read more