What is Physical Self Improvement

What is Physical Self Improvement As human beings created on different shapes and sizes, color, looks, skin texture and alike, we tend to be focused on how we physically look. We feel the importance of looking good and feeling great, not only from the inside but as well as from the outside. How we look [...] read more

Importance of Fashion Styling

Importance of Fashion Styling In today’s modern generation, outer appearance plays a major role in others perception of you. If you don’t consider yourself as attractive, or not the fashionable type, others look at you as an ordinary person. You may feel that you don’t quite stand out, look special, or look ¬†just like everybody [...] read more

Who is a Fashion Stylist?

Who is a Fashion Stylist? A fashion stylist, also known as a wardrobe stylist is the one responsible for the clothes worn on various print ads, campaigns, editorial features, public appearances of known persons, and many more. Stylists are most of the time part of a bigger team, collaborating with other professionals such as designers, [...] read more

What do Image Consultants Do?

What do Image Consultants Do? Image Consultants work in aligning your image to your dreams and goals, hence to give you the confidence you need to attain success. The power of first impression should never be underestimated. With that one positive look at the very first glance, your life can change for the better. In [...] read more

Do you need an image consultant?

Do you need an image consultant? Often, image consultants are hired when there is in need for a change of image; the one who will be there to give advises on how to dress appropriately, create a new look, and in projecting a very own unique brand image in order to stand out amongst the [...] read more