Importance of Image Consulting

Importance of Image Consulting To project a winning image is to create a powerful first impression. That is the first step towards success, may it be in the professional field, personal or social life. However, to create such winning image is quite difficult especially for someone who is not knowledgeable in terms of fashion and [...] read more

What is Image Consulting?

What is Image Consulting? Image Consulting is the process of advising clients or corporations on appearance, behavior and communication / etiquette.  Empowering an individual or corporation to feel confident about their brand or outer appearance, while building an authentic inner being. To enhance one’s image is to educate, coach, guide and mentor the person or [...] read more

PhoebyCerise Corporate Seminars on Brand Image

The PhoebyCerise team conducts seminars and meetings on Image Branding and Consulting. Allow us to help your future leaders in improving their overall look and in creating their unique brand. The focal aim in human life is to actualize himself for the career development. The key element of all his effort is to explore his [...] read more

Why Hire a Professional Image Consulting Team for your Business?

Image transformations should not be based merely on the appearance of a person. Hence, such procedure should be successfully reflected through the person’s way of thinking, the way he or she moves, how the person carries his or her self, the way that person walks and glances to people, and the way he or she [...] read more

PhoebyCerise Special Program for Virtual Clients

Ship Me My Looks – for Virtual Clients – They can receive a three to four complete looks mailed to their home within 5 – 7 business days.  Tell us the budget and we will do the shopping and ship you your looks.  This service can be performed once or on automatic routine or rotation [...] read more