1.  For Social or Business reasons, wanna look your BEST in either environment? Hire a professional image consultant to come up with looks that transitions from Day to Night for social, or will assist with business development, or climb the corporate ladder! 2.  How we see ourselves is NOT how other people see us! You [...] read more

International Image Consultant Day Shop Your Closet Promotional Special – November 23 to December 01, 2013

In Honor of International Image Consultant Day, November 23rd, the PhoebyCerise Team is running a Shop Your Closet promotion from November 23 until December 01, 2013 For ONE Hour, our team of professionals will put together looks for you and SHOP YOUR CLOSET! “WE OWN STYLE” SHOP MY CLOSET Physical (Charlotte Area) $25.00 USD Virtual [...] read more

Date Night Looks for Men and Women

Date Night Looks for Men and Women The eyes are the window to your soul! Shakespeare had realized this as fact centuries ago and it applies to us even today. What others see in you, is what makes a lasting impression on their minds. So, you must take the time and pay careful attention to [...] read more

Go Vibrant This Fourth of July

Go Vibrant This Fourth of July Sparklers, pocket-sized declarations, the voices of people dressed in bright American colors echoing the Star Spangled Banner – all of this kindles the spirit of patriotism in Americans. The fourth of July is a remarkable holiday, which reignites the spirit of patriotism every year. Before I go with it, [...] read more