Who is Cherry Gooding of PhoebyCerise?

Who is Cherry Gooding of PhoebyCerise?   So who is the fashionable and ever charming Cherry Gooding of the PhoebyCerise Image Consulting and Fashion Styling? Cherry Gooding was recently interviewed by the awesome and artistic photographer Tiona. Read more about the blog by clicking here, and thanks so much Tiona for those wonderful shots! By [...] read more

Image Consultants

Image Consultants   First and foremost, let us define the words Image Consultants. Image Consultants with reference on what Dictionary.com specified is the a professional who is hired by a company or an individual to improve one’s image and branding, his or her physical looks, and boost his or her self esteem. More so, an Image [...] read more

What is Physical Self Improvement

What is Physical Self Improvement As human beings created on different shapes and sizes, color, looks, skin texture and alike, we tend to be focused on how we physically look. We feel the importance of looking good and feeling great, not only from the inside but as well as from the outside. How we look [...] read more