Who is a Fashion Stylist?

Who is a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion stylist, also known as a wardrobe stylist is the one responsible for the clothes worn on various print ads, campaigns, editorial features, public appearances of known persons, and many more. Stylists are most of the time part of a bigger team, collaborating with other professionals such as designers, photographers, directors, make-up artists and alike. Such team put together a particular look (depending on the theme) of a specific project. Fashion stylists not only do improve the overall look of a person, but also boost a person’s confidence. They use positive approaches to deeply encourage; finding greatness on each person’s uniqueness.

Fashion stylists are often seen in photo shoots. More so, they can also offer services in line with personal shopping, closet auditing et al.

A fashion stylist spends most of his or her time planning and coordinating outfits for various clients. They attend catwalks, fashion shows, seminars in line with fashion styling and other major gatherings to know the latest trends and the updates on image enhancement and styling.

Hiring a stylist is beneficial. He or she will help you improve your looks, how you carry yourself, the proper ways of dressing, hence, you will be trained on which and what suits you best. Depending on the look and image that you want to achieve, a stylist will coordinate every detail that you need to know. Hence, do not afraid to ask or explain your goals.

If you are planning to hire a professional stylist, make sure that you are contacting a real professional fashion stylist. Others may charge you with fees and stuff just so to know that you hired a non-professional fashion stylist. Check every detail within the stylist’s portfolio or bio before you proceed on with hiring one.

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