Importance of Fashion Styling

Importance of Fashion Styling

In today’s modern generation, outer appearance plays a major role in others perception of you. If you don’t consider yourself as attractive, or not the fashionable type, others look at you as an ordinary person. You may feel that you don’t quite stand out, look special, or look  just like everybody else.

Fashion styling is not simply wearing luxurious clothes, branded accessories, or looking beautiful on the outside, it is an expression.  How you move, what you wear play  special parts in overall style. For example, there is this beautiful woman who is wearing a shirt and a dyed pair of jeans with just a ponytail and a pair of reading glasses, and there’s another woman who is not as physically attractive but is wearing something very fashionable – perhaps a little black dress, paired with a pair of red stilettos – devil wears Prada style, a jeweled clutch and a pair of huge sunglasses, who would you think looks best? Who do you think would stand out amongst the rest?

The clothes you wear and the style you project have huge impacts on your overall appearance. Thus, Fashion Stylists are there to create our unique image, and to help us “brand” ourselves.


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Editorial Styling / Photoshoots

You can see Fashion Styling done in photoshoots. It’s a must. The stylist will choose the type of clothing, accessories and create the general look of the model, depending on the photoshoot’s theme. The stylist will work together with the photographer and the coordinators / directors. More so, the fashion stylist will need to come up with the ideas on how to generally project the brand which should be featured. From the hair, make-up, down to the accessories, even the type of stockings that the model will wear, all of those will be arranged by the stylist. That is to make sure that everything is set accordingly, and that the total look will be set as per the concept of the shoot.


In Movies, Theater and Television Shows

Fashion Stylists can be seen not only in the catwalk or photoshoots but they are also important to movies, theater and television shows. If there is a need to create a certain look, a stylist is always to the rescue to bring the vision to life.

Fashion Stylists play huge roles in Hollywood. Most of the time, celebrities will hire a professional fashion stylists to create their look and provide a Glam Squad for make-up and hair. A Fashion Stylist is certainly important within a Celebrities career, because they have to look great in front of the camera, fans and others.


In Private Companies and other Business Entities

Yes, Fashion Styling and Fashion Stylists are also present in businesses and companies for branding companies. Looking good, and creating an identity should not be limited on the personal aspect, but can also and should also be applied on the professional/business aspect.

When an employee looks great and feels confident in his or herself, they bring more success to the organization.  The company will have greater success on closing deals that will add value and increase the Return on Investment (ROI).

Fashion Styling is not an easy task. Some of the requirements for being a great stylist include: a lot of understanding, a keen eye for details, and the ability to create unique looks. Style is something that can never be taught.

” Fashion can be bought. Style ONE must possess.” ~Edna Woolman Chase


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