Hire A Professional Image Consultant

Hire A Professional Image Consultant


Looking for a Professional Image Consultant?

Phoebycerise Image Consulting | Fashion Styling is here to help you achieve that unique brand or image that your business needs. We offer various services in line with corporate brand image development, seminars, wardrobe assistance, business coaching, and other related services.   All services geared to help organizations capture and retain high quality employees and maintain brand consistency.

The great benefits of corporate image branding:

Increased level of confidence (on employees and staff)
Improved productivity which leads to increase in sales
Better communication skills
Positive and lasting impressions are created
Employees do stand out more
Better application and understanding of the corporate dress code policy; its uses and benefits

PhoebyCerise Image Consulting and Fashion Styling also caters to individuals who want to improve their looks, hence, create a positive lasting impression!

The PhoebyCerise team of professional consultants will provide you with a detailed assessment on your body type, which dresses suits you and which don’t, which style better fits you, what to wear on different occasions, what type of make-up enhances your beauty, and many more. All services are personalized and deeply evaluated to match even the color of your skin, your height, and most importantly – the unique image that will make you stand amongst the crowd!

Phoebycerise Image Consulting and Fashion Styling


PhoebyCerise is committed to delivering high quality image consulting services that produce immediate impact and long-term results. Our services will boost your level of confidence and present valuable skills to enhance your personal and professional life. Contact us now and let us listen to your needs, your wants and let us discuss on how we can help you achieve your goals.

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