Fall Fashion 2014: The Top Trends of Fall

Fall Fashion 2014: The Top Trends of Fall

Fall is finally here, hence, whatever the season may be, it should not hinder us to look and feel great inside and out. So let us take a peek on the Top Trends of Fall . Images courtesy of Elle.


Robe Coats

This season, Robe Coats or on this instance, House Robes, have a major comeback.


Back to the 60’s

The 60’s fashion is back. Mini Skirts, Knee High Boots, paired with bold colors and accessories that remind us of what we had in the 60’s. Whatever the reason, we’re happy that the 60’s are swinging back our way.

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Fall Knits

From sweater to cozy pants, knits are a sure trend this fall. Take it from the designers Celine and Marc Jacobs.


The Oversized Trend

Bigger sweaters, bigger pants and bigger coats – the bigger, the better!


Dresses over Pants

Dresses are too easy. Designers are now challenging us to wear pants and a dress – altogether.

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