Date Night Looks for Men and Women

What to wear on a dateDate Night Looks for Men and Women

The eyes are the window to your soul! Shakespeare had realized this as fact centuries ago and it applies to us even today. What others see in you, is what makes a lasting impression on their minds. So, you must take the time and pay careful attention to your presentation, when meeting someone new, especially for a date. Your presentation and overall appearance can make or break the deal for your date. Presentation is a very vast term, comprising of your choice in clothing, the way you carry yourself and the confident aura that you exude around people.

It takes only a few seconds to make a remarkable impression, especially if it is an important meeting like a date. The joy of going out for date night soon gives way to the befuddlement of what to wear.  But everyone fails to realize that, irrespective of whether your attire is put together by an Image Consultant professional, or if it has been lying in your closet for too long, your charm and attitude will make the biggest difference. Take a deep breath and relax – here are a few clothing tips for men and women, getting ready for Date night.

‘Casual Friday’ Date Night :

Women – Ensure that your outfit is not too fancy, but not too casual either. A nice-fitted dress, which compliments your body shape well, is a great choice. You should flaunt your curves, but not in a overly tight dress which might only cause discomfort.

Men – Though men are not as spoiled for choice as women, dressing up right is difficult. A neatly ironed button-down shirt, paired with a pair of smart jeans is a perfect choice.

What to wear on a date

‘After Work’ Date Night :

Women – Since there are times, when you have to go for a date immediately after work, you can dress for both. An elegant wrap dress, paired with a jacket can be worn for work. Let go of the jacket when you go out for the date after work.

men style

Men – If the policy at your office requires you to dress in formals, you don’t have to worry about the date later that evening. Just remove the jacket, vest, tie / bow tie and unbutton a few buttons (remain neat) before you meet your date, as it will give a casual relaxed feeling to your date.

Finally, remember to keep a toiletries bag to freshen up before your date and always wear your confidence on your sleeve, style should follow smoothly. Do not pretend to be someone you are not, as it will only backfire. No amount of expensive clothing or hiring an image consulting professional will ensure a fun and enjoyable date night, but it does enable you to feel cheerful and confident from within.

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