Are you tired of being passed up for that promotion? Do your employees know what your company brand is about and how they represent your organization with their overall image? Do you have an issue with your employees not being aware of the corporate dress code policy? Are you transitioning into a new endeavor or want to be more social and want your image to represent your personal brand - or have the confidence  / look to establish a brand and stand out?

PhoebyCerise, the ultimate leader in Image Consulting | Fashion Styling will help you generate success through wardrobe, branding, and image development for corporations or individuals. We assist clients with establishing a great first impression and how to preserve it.  Our clients develop the skills needed to lead across industries, build a solid competitive advantage in the corporate world, or be confident in social environments; utilizing tools within image consulting and fashion styling.

We truly believe in the concept “first impression lasts”. Hence, all our services strive to make that first impression favorable for our clients. Be it for business coaching or personal makeovers, our services are customized to suit the principles and values of the organization with equal respect to every person's individuality. Our consultations and styling secrets revolve around elevating the already existing positive factors that increase the strengths of our clients.

Our Image Transitioning services are tailor-made and confidential, which gives you an upper-hand at exploring new things without moving away from your comfort zone. We are structured to groom an individual externally as well as internally, our services build confidence with wardrobe development. We also work to build communication skills, etiquette and provide professional business coaching.

Our Motto: "We Own Style!"

Start transitioning your life, your career and your overall image now. Enter the world of success and achievements. Our services are guaranteed to be professional and tailored to fit your needs.